We are looking for the following types of vendors to participate in our market:

Farmers, growers & producers

  • Crops: fruit, vegetables, grains, etc.
  • Animal Products: meat, seafood, eggs, dairy
  • Plants: Fresh-cut flowers and plants

Cottage Foods

  • Breads, cakes, pastries, cookies, candies, honey, jams, jellies, fruit pies, dry herbs and seasonings, homemade pasta, cereals, nuts, vinegars and popcorn. Click here for more information: cottage food guidelines

Specialty Foods

  • Jerky, canned fruits, vegetables, chutneys, butters, flavored oils, hummus, salsas, pickles, bakery goods requiring refrigeration (cheesecake, cream pies, etc.), cheese products, cut fruits and vegetables, juices, BBQ sauces and focaccia-style breads.

Pet Food Products

  • Photographers & Artists
    Soaps & Beauty Products
    Art made from recycled items
    Jewelry & Hair Accessories
    Embroidery, Quilts, Knit & Crocheted Items
    Wood Crafts
    Garden & Home Décor

Food Vendors (prepared on-site)
Non-Profit Organizations

* All items must be handmade or homegrown, with the exception of non-profits and informational booths. We do not allow any type of resale or catalog items at the market.


A $10 non-refundable application fee is required of all new applicants and is due with your application. You can make this payment via PayPal, in person at Town Hall or through postal mail.
Farmers, Growers & Producers: $25 per market
General Vendors (artisan foods & crafters): $25 per market day
Food Vendors: $50 per market, up to a 15’x20′ space
Non-profit Organizations: $10 per market day
Electricity: Any vendor wishing to use an outlet larger than the standard wall plug must pay an additional $10 per market for access.


Already an approved vendor? Click here to go to the Current Vendors page where you can pay your booth fee or cancellation fee online.

Want to become a vendor? Click here to go to the New Vendor Information page where you can view the rules and regulations, download the application or submit it online.

Have questions? Click here to Send An Email to the market manager.